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About yMe

yMe is a button from SalesGenomix that you place next to your job postings.

When applicants click on yMe, they are taken to a talent assessment that scientifically and courteously identifies the individuals most likely to succeed at your sales or service-related job. yMe button

Analyst-praised and Fortune-50 proven, yMe can profoundly improve recruiting decisions while reducing recruiting labor and expense.

Want to be really prepared next time a sales territory goes vacant? Contact SalesGenomix now for a free sales job responsibility analysis.

Here’s how it works:

  1. We’ll interview you or someone you designate concerning your salespeople’s day-to-day responsibilities, as well as the characteristics of your top producers.
  2. Then we’ll classify your job based on our taxonomy of 140 sales attributes as they contribute to 14 discrete sales roles.
  3. Next we’ll isolate the 4-6 critical skills required to succeed at your position, and provide you with a behavioral interview guide with penetrating questions to smoke out how well job candidates measure up.

You have our promise there’s no charge or obligation for this confidential get-acquainted service, and your contact information will never be shared.

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