Enjoy privileged access to the largest gene pool of sales talent on the planet.

Enjoy privileged access to
the largest gene pool of
sales talent on the planet.

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About yMe

yMe is a button from SalesGenomix that you place next to your job postings.

When applicants click on yMe, they are taken to a talent assessment that scientifically and courteously identifies the individuals most likely to succeed at your sales or service-related job. yMe button

Analyst-praised and Fortune-50 proven, yMe can profoundly improve recruiting decisions while reducing recruiting labor and expense.

Start making smarter sales hiring decisions with yMe today.

Coming Soon:
The Searchable SalesGenomix Sales Talent Community

If you’re recruiting like crazy and still can’t find enough superior sales talent, here’s great news.

SalesGenomix is pooling all of the candidates that don’t match up with other yMe employers into a searchable SalesGenomix Sales Talent Community. Why? Because different sales roles require very different talent sets. And a candidate that isn’t right for another firm may be perfect for you.

In fact, our statistics show that 95% of yMe candidates are highly recommended for at least one of our taxonomy of 14 sales roles.

As a yMe employer, in contributing applicants you have no further use for, you earn special privileges in searching the Sales Talent Community for the DNA-matched, “highly recommended” candidates you need.

What’s more, we’re appending residence ZIP codes so you can choose candidates in your preferred geography. And qualifications like industry exposure, years of sales experience, education credentials, LinkedIn profile and a 140-character yMe thumbnail of resume highlights, so you can zero in on the experience you require.

Finally, each individual has granted permission to be contacted about job opportunities matching their sales talent DNA and work background.

Already, SalesGenomix has amassed the largest talent-screened sales database in the world. Soon, we’ll have achieved enough critical mass to fulfill employer search requests – even those with demanding experience requirements.