The SalesGenomix Talent Assessment: Gold Standard in Sales Certification

This certification is backed by university research and employer-sponsored validation studies that have statistically proven that SalesGenomix Certified sales professionals who are recommended for specific sales roles are more likely to succeed on the job.

Our assessment process recognizes that different sales jobs require a very different talent set. In examining more than 500,000 sales professionals, we discovered that what can make someone successful in one sales role can actually cause them to fail in another. So SalesGenomix measures 140 sales attributes and distinguishes among 14 discrete sales roles. The sales professional that displays this certificate can provide you a detailed report showing the sales roles they are most suited for and the competencies and skills they bring to the job to be successful.salesgen-certified-linkedin

Based on this sound empirical research we know that all salespeople share some common traits. So we focus our research on what the top 10% of all sales performers do that the bottom 10% don’t. Then we apply the same actuarial sciences approach that insurance firms use to predict accident likelihoods and life spans to predict sales success on the job.

Candidates can’t game our SalesGenomix questionnaire. Seemingly purposeless questions thwart choosing obvious answers. Built-in intelligence corrects for candidate spin attempts and response inconsistencies. This makes our assessment unmatched in its rigor, reliability and accuracy. Hence you can be confident that the Sales Professional who has taken the initiative to be certified with our science knows their strengths and areas for development and is able to determine with pinpoint accuracy the sales jobs they are best suited for.

SalesGenomix assessment science has already been adopted by more than 2,000 industry leaders, and is widely viewed as the industry standard. Thought-leader endorsed the SalesGenomix assessment has been positively reviewed by many sales force best practice authorities including the Aberdeen Group and CSO Insights. EEO-compliant SalesGenomix has been extensively tested among sales candidates of diverse backgrounds and conclusively found to be non-discriminatory.

There are more than 200 commercially-available sales personality tests. SalesGenomix is not among them. Our approach is based on identifying the markers that separate top-performing from non-performing salespeople, not on personality theory.

Whether you’re seeking telesales reps or strategic account managers, more than 2,000 employers already agree there’s no more reliable way of predicting whether a salesperson is the right fit for a sales job and a potential top performer for you.