Would SalesGenomix have predicted our current top sales producers?

While we’re delighted when customers take the trouble to scientifically measure the impact of SalesGenomix on improving the caliber of sales hires, the length of a typical B2B sales cycle means this can take many months. So a number of employers have elected to see how accurately SalesGenomix would have predicted the performance of their current sales force.

All incumbents were asked to complete the assessment, to establish:

  1. Would SalesGenomix have recommended we hire our top producers?
  2. Would SalesGenomix have not recommended we hire our poorest producers?

The result: SalesGenomix will accurately recommend above average performers and not recommend poor performers 70% of the time.

Imagine the benefit if you only use SalesGenomix to reduce your risk of hiring poor performers.

Composite Classification Accuracy Results

Actual Incumbent Job PerformanceEmployee PopulationSalesGenomix Would Have "Recommended"SalesGenomix Would Have "Not Recommended"
Exceeds Expectations20155
Meets Expectations301515
Needs Improvement20515

Accuracy rate: 70%

Some Employer-Specific Classification Accuracy Studies*

Employer FieldPositionSales PopulationClassification Accuracy
Medical Instrument and SuppliesSales Rep3589%
IT Management Software and SolutionsSales Engineer4969%
Health Care ProviderAccount Exec5572%

*Results reflect both standard and custom job pprofiles.