About Us

We’ve devoted our sales
careers to discovering
something you probably
already know.

About yMe

yMe is a button from SalesGenomix that you place next to your job postings.

When applicants click on yMe, they are taken to a talent assessment that scientifically and courteously identifies the individuals most likely to succeed at your sales or service-related job. yMe button

Analyst-praised and Fortune-50 proven, yMe can profoundly improve recruiting decisions while reducing recruiting labor and expense.

Start making smarter sales hiring decisions with yMe today.

We are lifelong sales leaders who have taken very different routes in coming to the same conclusion. When it comes to selling, talent trumps everything else.

  • We’ve tried sales training (and even built and sold a $24 million sales training company).
  • We’ve tried sales reward systems (and pioneered the field of incentive compensation software).
  • We’ve tried sales promotion (delivering thousands of pre-screened leads for Fortune 50 sales teams).

It’s all good. But in the end, as you well know, nothing can compare to having the right sales talent in the right sales job.

So now we’ve joined together to help you with the sales leadership task that matters most.

We call our new venture, appropriately enough, SalesGenomix. If discovering sales talent is important to you, we hope you’ll put us to the test.