Why pay the price of a bad sales hire when it costs so little to prevent it?

Why regret another sales hiring decision when the SalesGenomix assessment has been proven 80% accurate in predicting whether a sales candidate will succeed on the job and costs just $199. 

When it comes to getting the right sales talent in the right sales job and avoiding costly, potentially career-threatening hiring mistakes, nothing compares to SalesGenomix.

What would you pay for a sales talent assessment that's nearly 100% accurate?

  • Would you pay $100,000? (The amount you save (+/-) in not having to onboard a sales hire who doesn’t work out.)
  • Would you pay $200,000? (The incremental sales production (+/-) of a rep who’s a top quartile performer.)

Why run the risk when SalesGenomix is only $199!

SalesGenomix Solution Options

Self-Serve Candidate Evaluation

per assessed candidate

  • Recommended for smaller sales organizations who require an urgent hire/don’t hire recommendation.
  • Investment: $199 per assessed candidate.
  • Position Analysis: Choose the sales position you are recruiting to fill from our 14-job-role library. Sample sales role descriptions provided.
  • Help/Support: Contact us at (480) 444-5500 or email info@salesgenomix.com
  • Assessment Administration: We serve your candidate the assessment, score the results and deliver our recommendations to your desktop in just hours.
  • Candidate Dashboard: Simply transpose candidate recommendations to your own recruiting dashboard or ATS.
  • Behavioral Interview Guides: Available at extra cost.
  • Sales Organization Development: Available at extra cost.
  • Skill Remediation: Not available.
  • How to Order: Simply visit our self-serve order page.

Enterprise Talent Management Plan

Let's Talk
Price based on size of sales force and nature of need.

  • Recommended for larger sales organizations fielding multiple sales functions (e.g. inside sales, business development, account management, channels support). Supports the complete talent management lifecycle from recruiting new talent to evaluating members of your current sales team with respect to succession planning and promotion potential. Identifies skill gaps requiring training and other remediation measures.
  • Position Analysis: We consult with you to capture the demands of each sales position based upon our archive of 140 discrete job-related competencies.  The result is a detailed position profile mapping to one of 14 SalesGenomix sales job specialties and closely corresponding to the “success DNA” of your current top producers.
  • Help/Support: We will train your managers on analyzing and interpreting assessment results and how to use the interview evaluation guides. We will train your systems administrator on how to use the SalesGenomix candidate dashboard, deploy assessments and share results. You will be assigned a dedicated SalesGenomix Account Manager and enjoy unlimited help desk support.
  • Assessment Administration: We serve your candidate the assessment, score the results and deliver our recommendations to your desktop in just hours.
  • Candidate Dashboard: Enjoy unlimited password access to your very own SalesGenomix recruiting dashboard updated in real time as candidates complete the assessment. Candidate records are easily transferrable to popular applicant tracking systems.
  • Behavioral Interview Guides: No sales selection decision should be made on the basis of a talent assessment alone. So we provide you with a discussion blueprint of what to focus on and what to ask to confirm that a candidate has the skills and qualifications to excel in your specific sales job.
  • Sales Organization Development: Deploy our Talent Audit capability to benchmark the sales DNA of your current sales team, ensure you have the right people in the right jobs and identify developmental needs. Also indispensable to assess promotability and succession planning.
  • Skill Remediation: Even highly-recommended candidates often manifest skill gaps that could limit their ability to live up to their potential. So SalesGenomix maintains a portfolio of best-in-class training and development offerings you are welcome to draw upon. Fees are negotiable depending upon your needs.
  • How to Order: Complete and submit our Contact Us page. Or call us at (480) 444-5500.