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Best practices in sales recruiting [podcast]

SalesGenomix co-founder John Hoskins joins podcast host Chris Russell of Rec Tech Media to discuss best practices in sales recruiting and his white paper on 7 habits of highly effective sales recruiters.

Show topics:

  • Introduction to SalesGenomix – what it is and how did it start?
  • Common pitfalls that sales organizations make when it comes to recruiting?
  • How important is engaging the frontline sales hiring manager in the process...there are things he can do to help.
  • What methods did you always find to be the best source of sales candidates?
  • How often should you review your sales talent pipeline with your manager to measure progress?
  • Why sales managers should be prospecting for candidates every day
  • Is asking for a W2 still a best practice?
  • Any good stories about recruiting a sales person that stand out to you over the years?
  • Predictions for 2017 when it comes to sales recruiting
John Hoskins

John Hoskins

Co-founder at SalesGenomix
John Hoskins is a co-founder of SalesGenomix and author of Level Five Selling - The Anatomy of a Quality Sales Call
John Hoskins