Virtually eliminate sales hiring mistakes with America's most praised sales assessment test.

Confidently make important sales hiring decisions with SalesGenomix, the pre-employment sales assessment test that's

  • Trusted by more than 2,000 sales organizations
  • Proven 80% accurate in predicting sales candidate success.
  • Acclaimed by Aberdeen Group, CSO Insights and the Association for Talent Acquisiton Solutions

"We have learned the hard way to avoid candidates who score 'not recommended' on the assessment test – even if they ace the interview and boast a killer resume."

David Pearson,

Far superior to so-called "sales personality tests."

The SalesGenomix assessment draws upon 20 years of field research among 500,000 sales professionals.

Reliably predicts success

of sales candidates using the same actuarial science approach insurance firms use to predict accident likelihoods and lifespans.

Certified EEO-compliant

Evaluates candidate potential independent of race, national origin, and gender.

No psychobabble

Delivers unambiguous "hire" or "don't hire" recommendations.

Evaluates candidates against your specific sales job.

SalesGenomix understands that different sales jobs require very different talent sets and that what may lead a candidate to succeed in one sales role may cause them to struggle in another.

  • Measures 140 sales attributes and distinguishes among 14 sales roles including sales management
Sample sales assessment test results.
  • Simply find your target job on our sales “family tree” and look for the green “highly recommended” color code
  • Consider candidate ratings on other sales roles for insights on promote-ability and succession planning

You provide the sales candidate. We do all the work.

We’ll serve your candidate the assessment test, score the results and deliver our recommendations to your desktop in just hours.

Totally online; easily launched by hiring manager or headquarters recruiting staff

Complimentary position analysis and decision support available

Introduce the assessment wherever you like in the selection and recruiting process

Join more than 2,000 discerning users including up-and-coming sales forces like these.

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