Sales selection best practice tips by our leadership team

how sales hunters stalk their prey - photo of eagle at sunset from

How sales “hunters” stalk their prey

The 6 key attributes top performing new business development specialists have in common.
Selecting new college graduates for sales careers

5 secrets for recruiting sales talent right out of college

Properly selected, new college graduates can be a great source of sales talent. Here are 5 recruiting secrets to take the risk out.
goldfish and hook

7 habits of highly effective sales recruiters

By routinely applying these 7 habits as part of your recruiting process, you will build bench strength, which is a great elixir for many sales ailments.
best practices sales recruiting podcast

Best practices in sales recruiting [podcast]

SalesGenomix co-founder John Hoskins joins Chris Russell of Rec Tech Media to discuss best practices in sales recruiting.

When to consider a sales talent assessment test. And when it’s wiser to avoid it.

Properly applied, a quality sales assessment test can be a powerful workforce decision support tool. Used haphazardly, it may result in more harm than good.

Wisdom from sales leaders on preventing and recovering from sales hiring mistakes

While hiring a bad engineer might get you a plane that crashed, hiring a bad sales rep has its own acute pain and long-lasting side effects.
Technical Sales Support Pros – 6 Traits of Top Performers.

6 traits top-performing technical sales support pros have in common

Over the course of assessing more than 400,000 sales professionals, here are 6 attributes top-performing technical sales support pros have in common.

Turn service reps into bench strength for your inside sales team

Immediately fill inside sales vacancies with can’t fail talent. Here’s how.
turn around your sales force with these action steps

Turn around your sales force in just 120 days

3 keys to turn around your sales force, accelerate performance and achieve sustainable sales results: People, pipeline, and process.
sales resume lies: 10 Reasons You Can’t Trust Many Sales Resumes.

10 reasons you can’t trust many sales resumes

Is your candidate a sales prodigy or a paper tiger?
close putt

Why filling sales vacancies is like a pressure putt

Beat the odds by cultivating a sales-talent pipeline (like the one we help our clients build) and adding science to your otherwise gut decisions.

5 reasons to think twice before you promote a rep to sales management

Just because a rep is knocking the ball out of the park in their current sales position, don’t assume they’ll necessarily be happy or successful in a sales manager role.
recruiting sales talent

Manager’s guide to selecting sales talent

Based on published independent research and U.S. Department of Labor guidelines, this guide statistically rates the accuracy of 10 popular screening methods.