Seeking needle-in-a-haystack sales talent? Check the DNA before the resume.

Seeking needle-in-a-haystack
sales talent?

Check the DNA
before the resume.

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About yMe

yMe is a button from SalesGenomix that you place next to your job postings.

When applicants click on yMe, they are taken to a talent assessment that scientifically and courteously identifies the individuals most likely to succeed at your sales or service-related job. yMe button

Analyst-praised and Fortune-50 proven, yMe can profoundly improve recruiting decisions while reducing recruiting labor and expense.

Start making smarter sales hiring decisions with yMe today.

More people than ever are looking for sales jobs. And new social media “one-click” submit features are making it easier than ever to apply.

As a result, you’re inundated with responses to your job postings – even though the pool of bona fide sales talent hasn’t grown much at all

Adding to the challenge, applicants have learned to salt their resumes with the same keywords found in your job description. So you can’t trust the semantic search capabilities found in many applicant tracking systems to reliably thin the herd.

The solution: check the DNA before the resume.

When candidates click on yMe they are taken to a world-class talent assessment that reliably predicts their ability to succeed in your sales environment.

Then we efficiently and courteously remove the 60% – 80% of applicants who aren’t right for you, spoon-feeding you the remaining high potential candidates in our yMe Get-Connected Dashboard. As a result, you’re able to focus your limited recruiting resources deciding among known sales talent standouts.

The haystack may be growing, but SalesGenomix can help you find the needle.