Recruiting for an entry-level sales position?

Check the DNA before the resume by incorporating the SalesGenomix yMe link in your job postings.


Sales candidates need only click on the yMe link to be escorted to the SalesGenomix assessment.

Why bother resume-screening entry-level sales candidates when they likely have no relevant career history?

Better to thin the herd by directing all applicants to the SalesGenomix assessment, and focusing your energies on candidates who demonstrate they have the DNA to succeed at your sales job. Here’s how it works.

  1. Together we decide which of 14 sales roles your new salespeople will be asked to play.
  2. You are issued a custom yMe link to insert in your job postings.
  3. Clicking on the link takes candidates to the SalesGenomix assessment where they are screened against the specific demands of your sales job.
  4. We intercept candidates that don’t meet your talent requirements and courteously write them off for you.
  5. Recommended and highly recommended candidates are streamed immediately to your very own SalesGenomix dashboard.
  6. Click on a candidate to reveal their complete assessment findings, including strengths and weaknesses that you can focus on in the interview.
  7. You’ll also discover the potential for the candidate to evolve to other sales roles including sales leadership.
  8. Invite promising candidates in for interviews and further screening.