turn around your sales force with these action steps

Turn around your sales force in just 120 days

A 120-day action plan to accelerate results

In June of 2012, Sales Benchmark Index published research that found the average tenure of a vice president of sales is 19 months. They claim no other member of the executive suite fails as often as the newly appointed Chief Sales Officer. Conversely, VPs of Sales whose mature teams have lost their drive and energy for growth are under fire to recharge, replace and redirect their teams – or find another job.

This white paper presents three keys for heads of sales to accelerate performance and achieve sustainable sales results. The authors give a new perspective on fundamental principles of leading and managing for sustained growth -– having the right people in the right positions, having an accurate and reliable sales pipeline system, and having processes to manage and measure activities.

The authors simplify the task not to minimize its difficulty, but rather to give senior sales executives focus and clarity for the challenge. They suggest that a solution is found not in costly, lengthy transformation efforts; rather, through a simple dedicated approach that is proven to accelerate results.