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Different sales and service roles present very different talent requirements. So we ask that you complete a questionnaire measuring how well you compare to this specific position.

There are no right or wrong answers, so just be yourself.

  • Should you be found a good fit, you’ll be immediately moved forward in the application process.
  • If not, you’ll receive a complimentary career guide personalized to your unique success profile. In addition, with your permission, you’ll have an opportunity to review job opportunities that are a superior fit with your talent set.

No matter what the outcome, you’ll have your result in minutes – no Black Hole.

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About the questionnaire:

The yMe™ pre-employment questionnaire is an actuarially-based talent assessment that has been proven to predict on-the-job success across more than 14 sales and service-related roles.

Supported by a 500,000 research population and praised by Aberdeen Group and CSO Insights, the assessment has been found EEO compliant and is already trusted by more than 2,000 employers.

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